Manistee, 8-19-16

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Manistee, 8-19-16

Postby Bill P » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:01 am

Well, I had an annual, two-day trip planned with a long-time friend/fishing mentor and two of his friends from downstate. Plans were quickly adjusted to a Friday night outing given the weekend forecast. We left the Manistee city launch and slowly motored down out to the shelf in the 12'sN numbers south of Manistee. Solid 2-3's but it was going to lay down toward dark.

The break was down 90' but came up to about 70 as we got straight out of Manistee in the 15's. The graph was loaded with fish for a change in 95 fow. The bite started for us around 8:15 and we started wrapping up around 9:30. Ended up 5 out of 10 bites (two were driveby) on some dark looking kings.

150 and 200' coppers with plugs
70' rigger with black/crush fishcatcher/black hypnotist fly (3 bites)
90' rigger with white DW paddle/crush glow tape/hypnotist fly
High braid diver at 200' with DW white/uv tape paddle/hypnotist fly
Low wire diver out 140' with showtime Spin Doctor/red meat rig

Would have liked to stay out longer but my guests were happy with the fish we caught...mission accomplished. Nice to get on a decent bite out of Manistee. The lake calmed down and we had the area to ourselves. Other than a handful of boats down south there was very little fishing pressure.



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