Elk and Buffalo Hunting Superior Game Ranch

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Elk and Buffalo Hunting Superior Game Ranch

Postby MI.FISH-N-HUNTER » Thu Mar 29, 2007 3:47 am

I guess I'll post this now. I wanted to add some pictures but I'm running a old Win.98 computer and
apparently the software for my camera is too new, I went online and tried to update but no luck, if anyone can help me out I can scan pictures but just
can't plug my camera into this computer like my other one that quit working a couple months ago. My Dad had booked a buffalo hunt back in Feb. up at the Hunter Expo show in Birch Run, my buddy Dale has been to a couple different game ranches and hada great time and a successful hunt at Jeff Dabacker's http://www.SuperiorGameRanch.com up in Escanaba Mi. My buddy Dale and his brother got a 1700 lb buffalo two years ago, they had went together and split the price of the hunt. Dan ended up getting a shouldermount done of this one. My buddy Dale also booked a Buffalo hunt again back in Feb. but changed his mind after getting up there and ended up shooting a nice 6x6 Elk the second day we were. there. The owner Jeff and one of his guides Donny went out of their way to make my Dad's whose 73 have a enjoyable and memorable hunt upon arriving there Sat afternoon we had planned going out and doing some coyote hunting I guess the surrounding property has quite a few coyotes and wolves, since they gut any of the big game animals outside the hunting preserve. We didn't see anything and I knew the hunting was going to be tough considering they had gotten 3+ feet of snow in the week prior to us getting there. I didn't
know what to expect hunting in a enclosure, but Jeff's guides had plowed out the "two tracks" throughout his property (660 acres) so it made it easier walking, it ended up taking 17 hrs before my Dad shot his buffalo, it was hard when you have a herd of 40 something and your Guide is choosing specific ones
to shoot in the price range you negotiated, my Dad
actually missed 4 times shooting out to 200 yrds. which I thought hard to believe but when your trying for specific ones within the herd shot opening
were just mere seconds, this animals move as herds
and they stay pretty well bunched up. My Dad ended up shooting a 1100-1200 lb cow the second day he finally got a more relaxed shot about 100 yrds, a nice quartering away double lung but had to drop him with a second shot, they are one tough animal. It was cool a few from the herd stayed with this wounded cow for a minute or two until the realized something was up, five young bulls probably 1400 -1700 lbs stayed until we push them
Overall a great hunt, $1000.00 3 day hunt with accommodations and 3 meals a day. If anyone is looking for this type of hunt I'd definitely recommend them, had a excellent time. My buddy Darwin ended up staying a extra day and taking a 350 sow (Wild Bore), our guide Donnie search and search for a "Cut" Bore but wasn't able to locate any with all the snow. I think I'm going to book a Bore hunt next year, I'm going to go after one with my bow. My Dad had his Buffalo processed at Richardson's out in Argentine they did a excellent job
butchered just like a cow vacuum packed everything paid $200 ended up getting about 520 lbs of meat. I've had some steak, sirloins and burger it's excellent.
Fred Sheahan

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